Hi there,

You can call me, Novel. But please, don’t call me with first syllable (Nov), it sound like a girl’s name. Coz I am absolutely a Real Man. At least call me with last syllable, yup.. Vel 😉

I have a huge passion to writting. Novel, poem, script writting, etc.
My first novel is Rhe by nulisbuku.com, launched at Istora Senayan, Jakarta (Friday, 8 Oct 2010) with another writers who called 99writers. I’m proud to be one of them. And I’m also member of Ngerumpi.com which is a great community.

Beside as a Writer, I am also a Script Writer, Blogger (of course I am ^^), and SocMed Suspect. And now, I am really excited to learn how to be a Buzzer.

So, what else? 🙂

How to contact me?
No big deal, you can follow my twitter : @Novelyzius
Or send me email : novelyzius@gmail.com

Thank you 🙂


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. saya kirim email kok ga bisa ya? bisa tolong hubungin saya via email? ada di form nanti. Ada yang mau saya bicarain. Makasih.

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